Atrum Castellum
Character Name Body Health 174/174 Stamina 181/181 Mana 120/120 Thirst 20/20 Hunger 456/456 Attributes Strength 116(116) Dexterity 116(116) Intelligence 116(116) Psyche 116(116) Constitution 116(116) Size 0(0)(0) Attribute Points 0 Misc Damage Bonus 11% Weight 72kg (Fit) Length 171cm Equipment Carry Weight 0/62(125) Skills: Endurance Primary Skill 100 Effective Skill Level This skill is Trained to 89. Your Strength and  contributes 5.5 points. Description: Increases ability of the body to withstand prolonged exertion. A higher skill gives a small bonus to stamina. Expand All Hide untrained skills Primary Skill Points: 0 of 1100 Remaining